ATIB Mobile

ATIB MOBILE offers a range of features that enable customers to keep track of their accounts and daily financial transactions and enable local transfers without having to go directly to the branch.
ATIB MOBILE enables the customer to carry out several banking transactions outside the branch and branch office’s working hours during the week.
ATIB MOBILE is linked to the open current account at Assaray Bank to deduct fees, service charges and expenses associated with the available operations.
The use of ATIB MOBILE is secured by entering your user name and password, and all digital safety conditions are in place to protect customer data.
After subscribing to the service, the free application is downloaded to the mobile

Available services

Access to accounts

Access to notice of operations

Search for all branches of the bank

Find places of ATM machines

Request for a cheque book

Charging prepaid cards

Make transfers between accounts

Mobile phone shipment (under a cooperation agreement with a telecommunications corporation)

Notification Box