Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Manager:

The Customer Service Manager is responsible for serving customers and managing the customer service team in ATIB efficiently and effectively, answering customer inquiries, providing them with the necessary information and guiding customers to banking products and services that meet their needs helping them perform the required banking procedures.


Main Job Responsibilities: 

  • Working as a link between customers and ATIB, answering their queries and providing all required information about the various products and services offered by ATIB.
  • Protect ATIB’s reputation and provide outstanding and effective services to customers, accommodate their demands and the necessary support to meet the aspirations and needs of customers.
  • Building strong professional relationships with branch customers and understanding their needs.
  • Coordination with cashiers and branch operations staff to ensure smooth operations and provide banking services on time and in a basket.
  • Ensure, register, analyze, verify, and answer all suggestions, needs, opinions and complaints of customers efficiently and effectively to ensure customer satisfaction and avoid the possibility of stopping their future dealings with the bank.
  • To Follow-up with customers & ensure that all the necessary shortcomings are complete to submit their applications and ensure that the documents are correct and thoroughly reviewed.
  • To maintain the highest standards of confidentiality, to protect business and personal information by regulations and laws.
  • To follow the highest standards of compliance and anti-money laundering procedures by the bank’s internal regulations, CBL standards and international standards.
  • To commit to providing the required information promptly by external and internal auditors when requested.
  • Evaluate and follow-up with Employees, monitor their training needs and provide them with the necessary guidance to improve their performance and develop their careers.
  • follow up on all the operations and reports of the team’s daily work and ensure they are accurately archived.
  • Help the branch manager achieve the goals set by the department for the branch.


Qualifications Required:

  • A university degree in business administration, finance, banks, or similar specialties.
  • Four years of work experience, with at least one year in the same field or a similar job, preferably experience in the banking sector.
  • The ability to communicate effectively and behave professionally and respectfully.
  • Knowledge of writing and conversation in both Arabic and English.
  • Mastery of work with various Microsoft Office applications.

To apply for this position, please send your cv in pdf format to:

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